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A Brief History of Colorado Through Time  - This 25-minute movie, produced by the Interactive Geology Project, illustrates the geologic evolution of Colorado through time.

Animated Video of the Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Earth  - Christopher R. Scotese, a geologist affiliated with Northwestern University, has created an animation showing "the plate tectonic evolution of the Earth from the time of Pangea, 240 million years ago, to the formation of Pangea Proxima, 250 million years in the future."

Find the Address of Your Home on Pangaea - Open Source Project Lets You Explore the Ancient Land Masses of Our Planet

Colorado Geologic Survey - Many great resources including geologic maps and GIS data, and check out the beautiful block diagram for the geology of the Front Range!

Colorado Scientific Society - The oldest scientific society in the Rock Mountain Region.  Many great resources here including newsletter, abstracts of past talks and field trip guides.

Colorado Stratigraphy - On this site you can explore the paleogeography of Colorado.  Journey across time to view maps and videos of Colorado over the past 550 million years.

Leadville Geology - Vincent Matthews Leadville Geology Facebook page with many informative posts on a range of geologic topics.

Pindex - Pindex is a pinboard to collect and discover the best educational materials.

The Kid Should See This - Smart videos for curious minds of all ages.

Animations - Show the Melting Arctic Sea Ice, and What the Earth Would Look Like When All of the Ice Melts

The Old FSS Website - the original FSS site, no longer maintained, but contains some historical information